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 LCA was born of the vision of two Lamoine women, Carol   Korty and Mary Henry.  Carol's backgrond includes   professional dance, directing, performing and writing.  She   is a retired profesor of theatre from Emerson College in   Boston.  When she retired to Lamoine, she shared her gifts   with the community first by developing summer Children's   Theater opportunities at the Lamoine Baptist Church (LBC).   Subsequently, Carol teamed up with Mary Henry of the LBC   to direct two church sponsored Dessert Theater events as   fundraisers.  Local residents enjoyed the opportunity to act   in these events, and from this Lamoine Community Arts   was born in January, 2008.  Since that time, we have   produced a major Fall Production each year and a Readers'   Theater production every spring.  We hold monthly   recreational readings over the winter months.  We   encourage and support Children's Theater at the Lamoine   School.  We have participated in the Maine Association of   Community Theater's Festival five times.  In 2011 we hosted   a Fiber/Fabric Arts Show and Demonstration at the Grange.   We are currently holding four Open Mic Nights a year,   where people come and share original or favorite poetry,   songs or improvisational pieces.  We are also planning a   variety of musical and theatrical events throughout the   year, including an MLK Day singalong and Black Box   Theater in the summer.  Our plays cover a variety of styles   and genres.  

Carol Korty &
Mary Henry

Set of the Dining Room


January, 2008          Lamoine Community Arts Established

May, 2008                 Readers' Theatre at the Grange "Living Together" from                                                        The Norman Conquests by Alan Ayckbourn,                                                                             Director: Carol Korty and four ten minute plays: Grunions                                                   by Barbara Lindsey, directed by Don Bamman; Let me                                                         Count the Ways, by Jay D. Hanagan; Phoning It In, by                                                             Michele Markarian; and Short Term Affair, by Donna                                                             Spencer.                                                                               

June, 2008                 Grange/LCA sponsored children/adult theater, a staged
                                    reading of Cully's Gold by Carol Korty and Susan                                                                    Wuorrinen
Fall, 2008                   LCA production of Box and Cox by J. Maddison Morton,                                                        Dr. Diaculum, by Byam Wyke The Lying Valet by David                                                         Garrick 

March, 2009              LCA Children's theater at School, Riding the Wind, by                                                            Carol Korty 

April, 2009                 MeACT Festival in Auburn: Box and Cox by J. Maddison                                                         Morton 

May, 2009                  Readers' Theatre at Grange, Converting by Catherine                                                           Fillous; A Ringing of Doorbells by Thornton Wilder; The                                                         Last Yankee by Arthur Miller, The Ugly Duckling by                                                                 A.A.Milne

Fall, 2009                  Table Number 7 by Terrance Rattigan.  Here We Are by                                                         Dorothy Parker.  Still Alarm by George F. Kaufmann

April, 2010                 MeACT Festival in Rockport.  Here We Are by Dorothy                                                          Parker.

May, 2010                   Readers Theatre, Almost Maine by John Cariani.

Fall, 2010                    Rumors by Neil Simon

May, 2011                   Readers' Theatre at Grange, a staged reading: Shore                                                            Acres by James A Herne. 

June, 2011                   children's Readers' Theatre at School, Three Billy Goats                                                       Gruff, Stone Soup and The Gingerbread Man

Fall, 2011                      LCA production of Eight Short Plays, Some Glad, Some                                                         Sad

March, 2012                LCA Children's Theatre production at School of                                                                      Tarradiddle Tales and Tarradiddle Travels by Flora Atkin.

May, 2012                    Readers' Theatre The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in                                                  the Universe by Jane Wagner.  Director: Rae Dumont

April, 2012                    MeACT Festival in Portland, On the Evils of Tobacco by                                                         Anton Chekhov and Dead Right by Elaine Jarvik. 

Fall, 2012                      You Can't Take It With You by Moss Hart and George F                                                         Kaufmann

April, 2013                    MeACT Festival in Waterville, A Blooming of Ivy by Garry                                                       Williams 

May, 2013                     Readers' Theatre at Grange, Parts of the Electric City                                                             Suite #6 by Edward Simpson, and A Little Something for                                                       the Ducks, by Jean Lenox Toddie

Fall, 2013                     The Constant Wife, by Somerset Maugham

MeACT, 2014                Paris of the Lackawanna and First Dance in Your Dreams                                                     from Electric City Suite

May, 2014                     Readers' Theatre On Golden Pond by Ernest Thompson

Fall, 2014                       An Evening of Chekhov (selections by Anton Chekhov                                                            and Neil Simon) 

MeACT, 2015                "Defenseless Creature" from the The Good Doctor by                                                             Neil Simon

Fall, 2015                        Mornings At Seven by Paul Osborn 

May, 2016                      Readers' Theater An American Daughter, by Wendy                                                              Wasserstein

Fall, 2016                       Trevor, by John Bowen and Wanda's Visit by Christopher                                                      Durang   

May, 2017                      What I Did Last Summer, By A. R. Gurney   

Fall, 2017                       The Dining Room, by A. R. Gurney 

Winter, 2018                 Staged Reading: A Bench In the Sun, by Ron Clark     

Spring, 2018                   An Evening of David Ives; End of Travel, Time Flies, The                                                         Blizzard, Its All Good, A Singular Type of Guy, Soap Opera       


Wanda's Visit 

    Morning's At Seven

An Evening With Chekhov

Annabel Eden

The Constant Wife

On Golden Pond

The Dining Room

What I did Last Summer
May, 2017